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Update on Life

Hey everyone, to those of you who still happen upon my page from time to time, wondering when I'm going to update, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I'll be relatively free in about 3 weeks or so. I know, you're probably like "wtf" is with that timeline? Thing is, I've been so busy these last couple months I hardly know what to do with myself. Hopefully, in less than a month I will be completely free, at which point I'm going to unwind and catch up on some major fic writing that I dearly miss.

To people who I promised fics to, they will get done. I'm sorry that it's taken so long. You know, life and all that. I'm really looking forward to all the free time I'm going to have, I just need to get over the last couple hurdles before I can jump back into the fray.

Thanks, and I'll see you all in a couple weeks!

Never Go Home Again - Spock/Kirk [part 2]

Wow, this is the first time I've ever had to deal with word limits in LJ cuts....it's strangely exciting!!

Never Go Home Again (part 2)Collapse )

Never Go Home Again - Spock/Kirk [part 1]

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who's been following this prompt on the first kink meme and has been patiently waiting for me to finish. Honestly, I think this prompt is one of the best I've seen on both memes, as is evidenced by the fact that it's been filled so many times. I enjoyed filling it very much, but doing so left me emotionally drained at times. It's been a while since I've written angst, and I'm pretty sure I've written better angst in the past.

That aside, I'm a really bad judge of whether or not my own work is angsty enough for others, so please leave me a comment on what you think. Thanks!

Title: Never Go Home Again
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Pairing: Spock/Kirk
Rating: R.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Based off of this AMAZING prompt on the first kink meme: prompt
reposted at 2nd kink meme: prompt

Summary: Jim and Spock are in a established relationship, but when Starfleet sends Kirk secret orders to sleep with a foreign leader for a much needed medicinal trade, he decides that the needs of many outweigh those of the few. Now, he must deal with the unbelievable fallout. Oh, and the disgusting beauty of top secret missions is that you can't tell anyone the truth.

Never Go Home Again (part 1)Collapse )

Introducing the face of Lenore McCoy!!!

I really should have done a post like this a while ago, but better late than never I suppose. I've seen numerous posts on different people's journals about who they think the genderbent versions of the Star Trek cast should be, and somewhere along the line I saw someone suggest Linda Cardellini (who played a doctor on ER) and I fell in LOVE! She is my Lenore McCoy.

I made it a point to choose unglamorous, and yet pretty images of Cardellini's character. I believe that Lenore McCoy is a sexy woman, but not beautiful in the same way that Uhura is. She's short, curvy, frumpy, and full of attitude. I wouldn't have her any other way!

I've also found my Polina Chekov, who is BEAUTIFUL! But I'll post those images another time.

First 5 win a prize.

Hey guys, sorry that this isn't a fic update, but instead I want to try something a little different. I don't really know how many people actually come to my page (when they aren't being redirected here from the kink meme), so I'm tentatively using this as a test to see if people will actually see this message.

The first five or so ppl who comment will get a small drabble/fic written for them. Just request any prompt or idea (but not too weird) and I'll write it.

I'm open to just about any pairing, slash, genderbend, het, whatever. Please keep it within Star Trek, though, as I'm only really writing for that fandom currently.

...and is it not too lame that I'm afraid no one will see this post, collecting dust? Hope you guys are there. Thanks!

Shades of Grey - Spock/Lenore

Title: Shades of Grey
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Pairing: Spock/fem!McCoy (Lenore)
Rating: R.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Based off of this prompt on the kink meme, except for the fact that what I wrote is the opposite mood of what the prompter requested: prompt

Summary: Lenore suffers from a sudden panic attack while pregnant. Spock has a scare. Warnings for talk of depression while pregnant.

Shades of GreyCollapse )

Of Sons and Daughters - Spock/Lenore

Title: Of Sons and Daughters
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Pairing: Spock/fem!McCoy (Lenore)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Based off of this prompt on the kink meme: prompt

Summary: Lenore and Spock playfully argue about what the sex of their child will be. Spock is quite certain that she will be having his son. Lenore disagrees. Fluff.

Of Sons and DaughtersCollapse )

Relishing - Spock/Polina

Title: Relishing
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Pairing: Spock/fem!Chekov (Polina)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Based off of this prompt on the first kink meme: prompt

Summary: Spock/Polina fluff...in bed.

RelishingCollapse )

Opposites Attract - Chapter 1

Title: Opposites Attract - Chapter 1
Fandom: Star Trek IX
Pairing: Spock/fem!Kirk
Rating: R (for now)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Based loosely off of this prompt on the first kink meme: prompt

Summary: Jamie Kirk tries picking up one Nyota Uhura in a bar and somehow ends up drawing the attention of a certain stoic Vulcan. Spock is utterly drawn to this petite blond woman who can send men twice her size to the floor. Little does he know the types of mayhem and insanity getting to know Jamie Kirk will entail.

Opposites Attract

Chapter 1Collapse )